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Kirsten Freeland

As a self-employed mother of two, in business for over 20 years, Kirsten is a woman well versed in what it takes to hold a lot in life. In 2001, Kirsten began in the role of Bookkeeper and Office Admin of her husband’s regional Waste Management company while running their household and mothering their newborn daughter. In 2004, they sold the company and started two new ones in the Oil & Gas Industry of Northern Alberta. As these companies grew, Kirsten expanded her responsibilities as co-owner into the Chief Administrative Officer; managing the Accounting & Financials, Human Resources, Safety, and Inventory Controls.

Kirsten Freeland

At the peak of their business growth in 2012, while managing over 30 staff between both companies, they relocated to Southern Alberta. While they were learning to manage their companies remotely, they found out they were also expecting a second child. However, after welcoming their son into their family, and moving into a new home they had just built, Glen unexpectedly passed away. His death left their family, company, and beloved community devastated. 


Kirsten took over as sole owner of both companies and continued to lead them through many more unexpected events including a flood, a fire, and a severe economic downturn. Despite all of it, she sold each company successfully by the end of 2017. Raising a baby, a teenager, and running a business while grieving the loss of her partner through these years took its toll on her body and spirit. Yet, as someone with a deep interest in personal growth, Kirsten sought support from coaches, mentors, and trusted friends. She has spent many years seeking and learning how to “do it better”. From leading a normal daily life with all its responsibilities to stewarding a strong financial future, Kirsten - as a woman, entrepreneur, and parent believes that “doing it better” cannot be done without being reliably connected to your body and trusting your inner guidance system. 


As a certified facilitator of the Non-Linear Movement Method® & the Wild Woman's Circle®, Kirsten offers a sacred space teaching embodiment practices for the rediscovery of self-trust and inner knowing. With over a decade of experience and play in the art of having a daily personal practice, she offers guidance to women in how to create their own daily practice that connects them to their unique wisdom and flow. 

Krista Hope

Krista Hope

Krista began her career as a massage therapist. It was a natural place to start as a former athlete whose powerful ability to feel people’s energy gave her a keen sense of how to support them. But it was not long before her entrepreneurial spirit and enthusiasm led her and her husband Jared to explore what was possible through the world of real estate investing. 


In 2003 they bought their first investment property and then continued to buy 10 more over the next two years while both working full time. In 2005, after the birth of their daughter they purchased 64 new properties, (yes you read that right, 64!). So Krista decided to sell her massage therapy business, as you can imagine, to support this overwhelming endeavor while still raising a family and running a household. And as they continued to grow their portfolio, their family grew as well with the birth of their son in 2007.


During the global recession of 2008, they took a large hit to their investment portfolio and learned valuable cash flow lessons as many entrepreneurs 

do - the hard way. They continued on through a series of challenging years, in their company and in their relationship, just trying to stay afloat. In 2009, they founded Tilt Property Group, a property management company created due to the need they faced as real estate investors as well as the need to provide themselves with a new revenue stream. 


Looking back, Krista has stated, that there is so much she mentally blocked out during those years. But as someone who is also very dedicated to personal growth, Krista dug deeper and decided it was time to stop being a victim. She had come to a turning point in her marriage, and so she made a choice. A choice to live her life the way she dreamed was possible. She stepped away as the company’s Controller, and they moved their family to Kelowna, B.C., following their dream of living an amazing life (that wasn’t centered around work). A life that would allow them to be present as parents to two very talented athletes leading full active lives. 


Krista and Jared started JK Coaching in 2018 and now work with hundreds of real estate investors to support and guide them to leading a “F*ck Ya” life. As a certified coach, Krista is a voice for others, championing her clients in reaching their full potential and realizing their limitless possibilities. She believes the game as humans is to continually grow and see what’s possible.

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