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Women's Programs

Why Wisdom in Flow?

It doesn’t matter whether you are leading a team of employees or simply leading your own way through life, your leadership skills are being called on every day. How you make decisions, where you source your energy from, and where you find guidance are key factors to your leadership. 

We believe that acting too often from “should” or “have to” will lead to experiencing inauthentic relationships with self and others, a loss of creativity and vitality, and eventual burnout.

Rebuilding Your Foundation for Feminine Leadership

Women's Group

You Will...

  • Explore how to bring your inner guidance system online and build deeper self-trust through listening to your body and finding your bodily “Yes”, “No” & “I don’t know”.

  • Discover your own unique flow for leading your life, your family, your household, and your business and how it will address feeling depleted.

  • Experience a felt sense of support, inspiration, and resonance among women.

Who is this Program for?

Women leading busy lives, who are holding a lot and feeling constantly depleted. For women who innately know there is a different way but don’t know where to start.

Wisdom in Flow

What's Included?

  • Monthly 1.5-hour live video conference calls focused on practice tools 

  • Monthly 1.5-hour live video conference calls for Q + A

  • Monthly check-ins with small groups

  • Free access to all Non-Linear Movement Online Group classes with Kirsten

  • Unique flower essence blend curated by Krista 

  • Discounts on individualized flower essence by Krista

  • Discounts on “An Introduction to your Energetic Imprint" sessions with Kirsten

  • Recommended reading list

(All Calls are held on zoom 2 Thursdays per Month)

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Wisdom in Flow

Our Stories...

Kirsten Freeland

Kirsten Freeland

As a self-employed mother of two, in business for over 20 years, Kirsten is a woman well versed in what it takes to hold a lot in life...

Krista Hope

Krista Hope

Krista began her career as a massage therapist. It was a natural place to start as a former athlete whose powerful ability to feel people’s energy gave her a keen sense of how to support them...

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Wisdom in Flow
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